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A Message from the Director

A Season of Giving

 This week, in my scanning for non- profit news, I came across this list, “Top 5 reasons why donors give.” I love lists, and this got me thinking about giving this holiday season, and about our own fundraising season here at BBBSFC.  Here is that list.

 #5: “I feel a sense of closeness to a community or group.” BBBSFC is part a larger local community, as a United Way Partner Agency. If you look at all the causes that United Way helps fund: it touches you, me, our neighbors, our children, and our community!

 #4: “I want to feel that I’m changing someone’s life.” This fall we noted that 10% of our current Community Bigs were once Littles themselves. These former Littles each said that the number one reason they are giving their time now is remembering how much their own Big changed their lives for the better!

 #3 “I want to feel I’m not powerless in the face of need and can help.” I have seen this happen several times recently in our own community: When a beloved mentor and coach succumbed to lung cancer: when a family was affected by a deadly house fire: and when recently a local beloved Town Councilor’s wife had very a serious car accident. People ask each other, “What can I do”? I’ve seen each of these questions answered in the form of monetary gifts, work bees, food deliveries, and other acts of kindness. If the world has you feeling uncertain, giving time or money can help you find focus and purpose.  

 #2 “I felt emotionally moved by someone’s story.” I recently learned of a family who has fallen on hard times. This family was a two-income family, making it work, with two thriving kiddos. A serious illness, and a cascade of events that followed have landed this family without housing or jobs. It’s horrifying how quickly this can happen and that it can happen to anyone of us, at any time. It makes you realize your good fortune and want to help.

 #1 “Someone I know asked me to give.” Being asked. That’s the number one reason people give!  This holds true in my life, and it is even how I initially got involved with BBBSFC! I have volunteered time because a friend needed a partner and I have given money to causes because I was asked personally by someone I respect.     

 So I am asking you now. Consider giving to (or giving more to) BBBSFC this month. I am asking you on behalf of myself, the staff, our board, all the volunteer Bigs who were Littles, and all the Littles who are waiting for Bigs and all of our matches.  No donation is too small to help support the Bigs and Littles we match. And if you cannot give money, consider giving time, either as a volunteer mentor, or a volunteer in some other way. Just let us know you can help.


And thank you all for being part of our community! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!




Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County Award BBBS of Franklin County named 2014 Gold Standard Award Winner by the Nationwide Leadership Council

The Nationwide Leadership Council (NLC) of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is pleased to recognize Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies who have achieved success in 2014. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County, Inc is one of 10 winners of the Gold Standard Award. The award recognizes that the local agency is in the top 5% of BBBS agencies in the country who have not only met national criteria for providing high quality programs, but has also increased their revenue by at least 5 percent allowing for growth of children served in 2014. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County, Inc. joins other winners BBBS of Metropolitan Chicago, BBBS of Greater Kansas City, BBBS of Metro Milwaukee, Inc., BBBS of Tampa Bay, Inc., BBBS of the Bluegrass, Inc., BBBS of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc., BBBS of Santa Barbara County, BBBS of Southern Minnesota and BBBS of the Greater Miami Valley.

As a Gold Standard Award winner Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County has been invited to apply for both the Agency of the Year and Board of the Year awards at the national level. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County was recognized at the Big Brothers Big Sisters National Conference held on June 2 - 3, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA.

Local Big Brothers Big Sisters Named One of Country’s Best

Greenfield Recorder May 17, 2015— About two years ago, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County faced a budget deficit again for the sixth year in a row.....This year, our agency was recognized as one of the best Big Brother Big Sisters agencies in the country by the Nationwide Leadership Council of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.